Kenya National Debate Council (KNDC) is a non-profit making, non-partisan society.


The Kenya National Debate Council (KNDC) was formed in 2011 by individuals who are interested in expanding the awareness of debates in our country. By fostering an understanding of the value of debates, we provide a non-profit, non-partisan forum for students from all levels to explore and challenge their ideas and opinions.

Debates remains one of the richest public spaces for the exchange of ideas necessary for social progress. Through them we are able to learn more about each other and find new ways to work together to address challenges facing our society.

Our Organization Structure

Our team brings together a diverse mix of expertise to steer KNDC's mission, vision and agenda in the right direction. We all share a deep and energetic commitment to make people from all walks of life embrace debating

The team is guided by our organisational values and our code of conduct.

Our Vision

“To build well equipped, informed, articulate and ethical citizens across the country and beyond.”

Our Mission

“To strengthen the capacity of young people to engage in public affairs and participate in solution seeking for various issues through structured and informative debates.”

What we aim to achieve


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