The Annual Scholars Festival

The annual scholars festival is aimed at enhancing scholarly debates and round table discussions as debators come together to openly discuss current issues affecting the world.

It is a platform where young Africans come together to meet other students and share ideas which will benefit humanity. The aim is to share ideas,opinions and insights on how we can collectively fix our problems around Africa and the world.

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Years of impecable debating

Insuarance Debates

The Insurance Debates Championship is an annual intercollegiate event which aims to increase insurance awareness and penetration among the youth. The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) in partnership with the Kenya National Debates Council (KNDC) have partnered for the last four years to deliver this youth-targeted event

The first edition was held in 2018 at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, while the second edition was held in 2019 at the United States International University. These two editions were physical,and they brought together over 200 debaters from universities across the country. We have since gone digital due to the pandemic

Fortnight training on debates and public speaking

KNDC’s work mainly entails organizing debates, training facilitators and students in debate clubs, and offer opportunities to perform in debate tournaments.KNDC works through partnerships with private and public institutions.

KNDC seeks to inculcate in its members' public speaking, oratory, critical thinking and organizational skills while at the same time promoting social welfare and responsibility.

"We believe in words: The right words, spoken and written, can change the world. We believe in people: People with something to say, to contribute."

There's value in public speaking

We strive to help people realize the true value of public speaking, which is a valuable communication tool for relationships, businesses and any opportunity or challenge in life. Our goal is to show how public speaking helps improve your overall search for knowledge.

The main objective of the council is to raise the standard of debate in schools, colleges and universities through the hosting of inter-institutional debate competitions.

We provide comprehensive public speaking training and coaching, with a specialty in storytelling. We believe that learning how to speak publicly and tell your story is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make an impact on their community, the world, or even just those around them. We foster a society of those who can articulate for the betterment of society

We believe that social media can be used as a tool for change. We want to encourage people to use the internet and social media platforms towards a positive purpose: bringing us together. We believe in creating an environment of positivity and respect in our virtual world, therefore we focus on engaging in positive posts, comments, and discussions on social media sites.

“It is better to debate a question without settling it,
than to settle a question without debating it.”

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